As seasoned health care providers, the associates at Holistic Wellness Associates have experienced many models of health care delivery.  What we are finding is that the climate of  "health" care has changed and those seeking care are finding it difficult to meet their wellness needs.  

What does this mean, exactly?

*  that visits with health care practitioners are meted out in 10 minute increments and are subject to ONLY the complaint you have today.  This is not the fault of your current practitioner, it is the way of insurance companies and mandated health care policies.

*that your symptoms will be addressed and you will more than likely, be given a prescription to alleviate those symptoms, not get tot the root cause of your problem

* that your insurance may not pay for things that practitioner your may feel necessary for you to have, based on codes for your symptoms to help you get well

that you may be more ill as the result of your treatment plan.

What can you do about that?

*You can partner with practitioners who get to the root of your symptoms

*You can have a visit that is as long as you need to discuss your concerns.

* You can choose "wellness"  over illness

*You can be a partner in you own health care

You can invest in your health, and live well.

that is your choice....this is YOUR life.

we can help

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                  The Landscape of Healthcare is Changing